Profit analysis of butter-oil (ghee) producing system of milk plant using supplementary variable technique

  • Parveen Kumari
  • Mukender Singh Kadyan
  • Jitender KumarEmail author
Original Article


Present paper discussed the butter-oil (ghee) producing system consists of four subsystems—‘Melting Vats’, ‘Boilers’, ‘Butter-oil Clarifier’ and ‘Butter-oil Settling Tank’. All the four subsystems are connected in series configuration. The subsystem ‘Melting Vats’ consists two dissimilar units: one is performing the intended task and other is hold in cold standby. Subsystem ‘Boilers’ consists of three similar units, all are connected in parallel. Subsystems ‘Butter-oil Clarifier’ and ‘Butter-oil Settling Tank’ each consists of one unit. Time to failure of all the subsystems are exponentially distributed and repair times follow arbitrary distribution. Supplementary variable technique is used for analysis purpose. Also in the special case, the numerical results along with their graphs for distinct values of subsystems parameters such as failure rate and repair rate have been evolved to explore the behaviour of various performance characteristics of butter-oil producing system.


Butter-oil producing system Dairy industry Availability Profit analysis 



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  1. 1.Department of Statistics and Operational ResearchKurukshetra UniversityKurukshetraIndia

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