Comparison of high temperature-short time and sonication on selected parameters of strawberry juice during room temperature storage

  • Gulcin YildizEmail author
  • Rana Muhammad Aadil
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The purpose of current research was to explore the effect of high temperature-short time (HTST) and different ultrasound times intervals on the strawberry juice for a period of 14 days. Strawberry fruits were treated at 72 °C for 15 s by HTST and also sonicated at 20 kHz and 100% amplitude for 5, 10, and 15 min. The main objective is to evaluate the effect of treatments and storage time on color, total antioxidants, total phenolics, ascorbic acid and microbial content of strawberry juice. Results showed that the increase in the sonication treatment time (from 5 to 15 min) showed a higher total phenolics, antioxidant capacity and ascorbic acid content. In addition, 15 min sonicated-strawberry juices showed a higher lightness values as compared to HTST treated strawberry juice. Sonication treatment showed a potential as a method to preserve and improve the phytochemical quality of strawberry juice during room temperature storage.


Ultrasound Strawberry juice High temperature-short time Ascorbic acid Total phenolic content 



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  2. 2.National Institute of Food Science and TechnologyUniversity of AgricultureFaisalabadPakistan

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