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Quality changes in fish burger from Catla (Catla Catla) during refrigerated storage


Fish burgers from catla (Catla catla) were assessed for proximate, chemical, microbiological and sensory quality changes over 17 days of refrigerated storage at 4 (±1) °C. The changes in proximate analysis of fish burgers were found to be significant at P < 0.01. The values of peroxide value, free fatty acid, thiobarbutric acid and total volatile base nitrogen at the end of storage increased significantly at P < 0.01 were determined as 4.98 (±0.22) meqO2/kg of fat, 0.94 (±0.01)% of oleic acid, 0.58 (± 0.02) mg MA/kg of sample and 4.78 (±0.02) mg/100 g of sample respectively. Total plate count and psychrophilic bacterial counts increased significantly (P < 0.01) during refrigerated storage. Staphylococcus aureus, Faecal streptococci, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Vibrio, yeast and molds were found absent. According to sensory scores, the fish burgers have a shelf life of 15 days. A negative correlation was observed between storage period and overall acceptability scores.

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