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Studies on the nutraceuticals composition of wheat derived oils wheat bran oil and wheat germ oil

  • G. Suresh Kumar
  • A. G. Gopala Krishna
Original Article


Fat-soluble nutraceuticals of cereals are known for number of disease preventive activities. Hence wheat bran oil (WBO) and wheat germ oil (WGO) were extracted from wheat bran and germ which yielded 3.35 % and 7.35 % of oil, containing polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) (64 %, 61.2 %) respectively. Both oils contained tocopherols and carotenoids, which were higher in wheat germ oil (273 mg/100 g, 12.23 mg/100 g) than wheat bran oil (190 mg/100 g, 2.21 mg/100 g). Steryl ferulates were also present in both the oils, but their content was eight-fold higher in WBO than in WGO. Three major steryl ferulates identified by HPLC were campesteryl ferulate and sitostenyl ferulate, campestanyl ferulate and β-sitosteryl ferulate as in γ-oryzanol and another ferulate, viz., sitostanyl ferulate. A strong IC50 value of 7.5 mg/mL and 21.6 mg/mL DPPH free radicals scavenging for wheat germ oil for wheat bran oil was observed. NMR (13C and 1H) profile explored the evidence of distribution of antioxidant molecules in the unsaponifiable matter of wheat derived oil. Since oils rich in PUFA and minor components are required for the normal physiological activities, blending such oils with other edible oils of the diet in wheat growing countries like India may be useful to provide health benefits.


Wheat bran oil Wheat germ oil Nutraceuticals Total tocols Steryl ferulates 



The authors express their thanks to Mrs. TN Indira and Mr. Lokesh, Dept. PCT and Dr. Nanishankar V. Harohally, Dept. FSAQCL, CFTRI, Mysore who helped in the extraction of oil and interpretation of NMR spectra respectively.


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  1. 1.Department of Lipid Science and Traditional FoodsCSIR- Central Food Technological Research InstituteMysoreIndia

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