Donut Mastopexy Lumpectomy

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Advancements in oncoplastic techniques have enhanced commitment to restore shape and, hence, has improved cosmetic outcomes. Donut mastopexy lumpectomy is one such technique and is best utilized in a setting of a malignancy not extending to the skin or the nipple-areolar complex. As a potential alternative to standard lumpectomy, it has many advantages including restriction of scar to the periareolar region, ease and rapidity of surgery, retention of nipple-areolar sensation, and the possibility of performing augmentation mammoplasty. A mini breast lift is also provided without ugly and visible scars. This report provides an insight into the technical details and utility of donut mastopexy lumpectomy (DML) in breast oncoplasty.


Oncoplasty Breast Donut mastopexy lumpectomy 



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