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Articles You Might Have Missed

Article #1 : Houzé P, Laforge M, Baud FJ. Lactate blood measurement in acute cyanide poisoning: effect of preanalytical delay and hydroxocobalamin uses as treatment. Ann Biol Clin. 2018;76(1):96–103.

Background: Several variables might alter the reliability of lactate measurements, such as sample site, delay between blood sampling and analysis, and hydroxocobalamin (HXC) administration.

Research Question: What are the impacts of site of blood draw, delay in measurement, and use of HXC on detection of lactate in normal plasma lactate (< 2 mmol/L) and elevated plasma lactate (> 6 mmol/L) scenarios?

Methods: Blood samples were collected for three separate experiments. In the first, patients with and without shock had arterial and venous samples collected in close succession; two of these patients had serial simultaneous collections. In the second, 16 samples were drawn, immediately tested and then retested after being stored at room temperature for 120 min. In the third, blood samples...


lactate cyanide organophosphate testing rattlesnake antivenom hydroxocobalamin 


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  1. 1.Medical Toxicology Fellowship ProgramNorth Carolina Poison Control and Carolinas Medical CenterCharlotteUSA
  2. 2.Pharmacy Residency ProgramCarolinas Medical CenterCharlotteUSA

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