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T. E. Lodge, The Everglades Handbook: Understanding the Ecosystem. (3rd ed.)

CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, Florida, 2010, 392 pp. US$59.95 (hardcover), ISBN 9781439802625
  • Evelyn E. Gaiser
Book Review

Given the astonishing breadth and depth of scientific activities in the Everglades, Tom Lodge once again illustrates his savvy as an articulate science writer in condensing the complex dynamics of this remarkable ecosystem in what can still, even with significant 3rd edition additions, be considered a “handbook.” While additional detail can be found in the numerous pages of larger compendiums on the Everglades, most of these require a fortified bookshelf, whereas this active Everglades researcher is hard-pressed to find much missing from the Handbook. As with previous editions, the 3rd accompanies me to my lab, office and sabbatical retreats and is one that I encourage all of my incoming graduate students and ecologically-geared undergraduates to obtain. The book is used not only as a textbook in undergraduate courses on South Florida ecology and general wetland biology, but also regularly referenced by researchers and policy-makers. Rather than summarizing other voluminous material...

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