Nuclear Theranostics in Turkey

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Nuclear theranostics functions as a bridge which connects targeted diagnosis to targeted therapy, just like Turkey functions as a geographical bridge which connects Asia to Europe. This unique geographical site of the country plays an important role with regard to introduction of novel scientific and technologic improvements, which originate from one continent to another, in the era of accelerated information. The first nuclear medicine practice in Turkey started in the beginning of 1950s with the first radioiodine treatment, which actually was a debut for nuclear theranostics in Turkey, years before many other countries in the world. For the time being, along with radioiodine treatment, many other theranostic applications such as I-131 MIBG treatment, Lu-177/Y-90 DOTA peptide treatment, Lu-177 PSMA treatment, Y-90 microsphere treatment, and bone palliative treatment are being performed in many centers countrywide. As science and technology improves, novel theranostic applications are eagerly awaited to be introduced in near future. This paper summarizes the story of nuclear theranostics in Turkey and aims to give an overview on the current status of theranostic applications in Turkey.


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This paper would have never been possible without the visionary support of Executive Board members of Turkish Society of Nuclear Medicine Prof Gamze CAPA KAYA M. D. (President), Prof Dogangun YUKSEL M.D. (Vice-President), Prof Tevfik Fikret CERMIK M.D. (Secretary), Prof Elvan SAYIT BILGIN, Prof Gulin UCMAK, M. D. (member), and Prof Hakan DEMIR (member) as well as the valuable data support from the industrial partners in the field, in particular “Monrol-Eczacibasi” and “BTG” companies.

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