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, Volume 37, Issue 10, pp 161–167 | Cite as

Two new free-living nematode species (Comesomatidae) from the mangrove wetlands in Fujian Province, China

  • Yuqing GuoEmail author
  • Yu Chang
  • Peipei Yang


Two new free-living marine nematode species from the mangrove wetlands of Fujian Province, China are identified and illustrated. Sabatieria conicoseta sp. nov. is characterized by its short conical somatic setae. There are 12–15 tubular pre-cloacal supplements and 12–15 μm long straight gubernacular apophyses. Dorylaimopsis papilla sp. nov. is characterized by spicules which are 1.5–1.8 a. b. d. long with media cuticularized strip along entire spicules, and have a cephalated proximal end with small hooked. There are 16–18 small papillate precloacal supplements and 37–40 μm long dorso-caudal gubernacular apophyses.

Key words

free-living marine nematode new species Sabatieria Dorylaimopsis mangrove 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Marine Fishery Resources and Eco-environment, Fisheries CollegeJimei UniversityXiamenChina

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