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Current Concepts in Laparoscopic Liver Surgery

  • N MachairasEmail author
  • Anna Paspala
  • ID Kostakis
  • Anastasia Prodromidou
  • GC Sotiropoulos
Review Article


Laparoscopic liver surgery is currently acknowledged to be a safe and effective approach for the treatment of a variety of benign and malignant hepatic lesions. Its wider adoption was delayed by lack of experience, unavailability of suitable laparoscopic equipment, fear of uncontrollable intraoperative adverse events and the perceived oncological inadequacy of the approach. Over the years all these obstacles were overcome, and increasing numbers of studies documented the safety and efficacy of the procedure, with beneficial short-term results and long-term outcome comparable with that of the traditional open approach. This review presents the current knowledge on the indications, advantages, and short- and long-term outcomes of laparoscopic liver resection for a variety of liver lesions.

Key words

Laparoscopic liver resection minimally invasive hepatectomy 


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