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Surgeon-performed ultrasound-guided thyroid fine-needle aspiration biopsy: Evaluation of 470 biopsies

  • Oktay IrkorucuEmail author
  • Enver Reyhan
  • Kamuran Cumhur Değer
  • Pelin Demirtürk
  • Hasan Erdem
  • Filiz Ekşi Haydardedeoğlu
  • Süleyman Çetinkünar
  • Mehmet Aziret
  • Ersoy Arslan
Clinical Study



Ultrasound-guided FNAB of thyroid nodules is considered to be the most reliable and feasible test for the diagnosis of thyroid malignancy. We aimed specifically to assess the accuracy of surgeon-performed ultrasound (SPUG)-guided FNAB on a per-nodule basis, with a subanalysis of nodule size and on-site evaluation.

Materials and Method

During the study period, 470 thyroid FNABs were performed. In the first 155 biopsies, the attending pathologist determined the adequacy of the specimen based on the number of cells. Nodules were categorised as group A: nodule size <1.99 cm and group B: nodule size >2 cm in width. The FNAB results were classified and described according to the Bethesda system.


The overall non-diagnostic rate of ultrasound-guided thyroid FNAB in this study was 10% (47 of 470). The percentage of non-diagnostic cases was 12.06% (38 of 315) in patients without on-site evaluation and 5.8% (9 of 155) in patients with on-site evaluation; this difference did not reach statistical significance (p = 0.051). The nondiagnostic FNAB rates were 10.6% (42 of 395) and 6.6% (5 of 75) with respect to nodule sizes <1.9 cm and >2 cm. Although nodules smaller than 1.9 cm had higher non-diagnostic FNAB rates, these results were not statistically significant (p = 0.401).


In conclusion, this study demonstrates that ultrasound-guided FNAB in the hands of an experienced surgeon can be performed with a low non-diagnostic FNAB rate.

Key words

Thyroid nodule FNA non-diagnostic cancer 


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