Genotypic variation of cadmium accumulation and distribution in rice

  • Yong-Feng Yan
  • Doug-Hwan Choi
  • Do-Soon Kim
  • Byun-Woo Lee
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An effective way to reduce the risk of cadmium (Cd) entering the food chain is to use low Cd-accumulation rice cultivars, particularly in Asia. The fundamental requirement for breeding low grain Cd-accumulation cultivars is to know the genotypic variation in Cd accumulation and the physiological processes and genetic basis governing the Cd accumulation in rice grain. In this experiment, genotypic variation in Cd accumulation and distribution among rice organs was studied using thirty-five rice varieties. They were grown with irrigation water containing 2 ppm Cd throughout rice growing season under field condition in 2007. At harvest, plants were sampled and analyzed for Cd concentration and accumulation in each rice organ. Significant variation of Cd concentration and accumulation in rice organs were found among thirty-five rice cultivars, revealing more than 8-fold varietal differences in grain Cd concentration and shoot Cd accumulation. Cd concentration and accumulation in grain were significantly different among cultivar groups, showing the highest in indica and the lowest in temperate japonica. Tongil-type and tropical japonica rice showed a Cd concentration intermediate to that of temperate japonica and indica rice. The higher Cd accumulation in grain of indica rice was attributable to the greater ability of Cd uptake. The greater ability of root-shoot translocation in tropical japonica and shoot-grain redistribution in tongil-type resulted in the significantly higher grain Cd concentration in these cultivar groups than in temperate japonica. For over 35 cultivars tested, grain Cd concentration revealed a significant positive correlation with root Cd concentration and shoot Cd concentration and accumulation while no significant correlation with root-shoot translocation factor and shoot-grain redistribution ratio. However, correlation analyses within each cultivar group showed that grain Cd concentration was significantly correlated with root-shoot translocation factor in indica, with root Cd concentration in tongil-type, with shoot Cd concentration and accumulation in tropical japonica, and with shoot Cd accumulation and shoot-grain redistribution ratio in temperate japonica. These results indicate that genotypic variation in grain Cd accumulation, in general, is controlled by all the three physiological processes but the major physiological process governing its genotypic variation within cultivar group is different depending on cultivar groups.

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  • Doug-Hwan Choi
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  • Do-Soon Kim
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  • Byun-Woo Lee
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