Bimetallic Pd/SnO2 Nanoparticles on Metal Organic Framework (MOF)-Derived Carbon as Electrocatalysts for Ethanol Oxidation

  • Adewale K. Ipadeola
  • Rasmita Barik
  • Sekhar C. Ray
  • Kenneth I. OzoemenaEmail author
Original Research


Bimetallic Pd/SnO2 nanoparticle electrocatalysts on metal organic framework-derived carbon (MOFDC) were successfully synthesized using microwave-assisted strategies and explored for ethanol oxidation reaction (EOR) in alkaline solution. The materials were thoroughly characterized using XRD, XPS, TEM, and Raman. TEM showed that Pd/SnO2/MOFDC gave the least average particle size of 5.5 nm compared to its counterparts on carbon black (CB). The Pd/SnO2/MOFDC gave the best electrocatalytic performance in terms of high electrochemical active surface area (ECSA) of 962 cm2 mg−1, low onset potential and overpotential for EOR, and high current density (j) of four times more than those of the Pd/CB electrocatalyst. In addition, Pd/SnO2/MOFDC showed superior kinetic parameter (in terms of the Tafel slope (b) = 216.1 ± 8 mV dec−1) and least combined resistance (R = Rs + Rct). These results show that the Pd/SnO2/MOFDPC nanoparticle electrocatalyst is promising for EOR with improved electrocatalytic properties for application in direct ethanol fuel cell (DEFC).

Graphical Abstract

Microwaved-assisted-synthesized Pd/SnO2 nano-catalyst supported on metal organic framework-derived carbon (MOFDC) shows excellent electrocatalytic activities for ethanol oxidation reaction in alkaline medium.


MOF-derived carbon Pd/SnO2 nano-electrocatalysts Microwave-assisted synthesis methods Ethanol oxidation reaction Tafel slope Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy 



A. K. Ipadeola is grateful to the DST-NRF-TWAS African Renaissance for PhD scholarship. Opinions expressed and conclusions of this study are those of the authors and not necessarily to be attributed to DST-NRF-TWAS and Wits University.

Funding Information

This work was supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), National Research Foundation (NRF), the World Academy of Science (TWAS), and the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits).


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Molecular Sciences Institute, School of ChemistryUniversity of the WitwatersrandJohannesburgSouth Africa
  2. 2.Department of PhysicsUniversity of South Africa (UNISA)JohannesburgSouth Africa

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