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Filling up all our Moments

  • Jon Kabat-ZinnEmail author

In response to those same chaotic agitations in the mind, often stemming from transient sense impressions, that lead us to interrupt ourselves so much of the time in addition to our propensity for interrupting others, we also tend to keep filling up all our moments so we won’t be idle or bored or have to deal with stillness.

We go from one thing to the next all day long, even when we are working. It might be checking your messages or e-mail, texting or instagraming or snapchatting, reading the newspaper, picking up a magazine, channel surfing on TV or YouTube, watching a movie on Amazon or Netflix, calling people, going to the refrigerator, turning on the radio as soon as we get in the car, running errands, compulsively cleaning up our living space, reading in bed, saying mindless things that are irrelevant in the moment but simply reflect the quasi-random thoughts that continually plague us. All these and more totally normal ways of spending our time, at least some of them necessary...


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