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Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum/Copper Composite Rod Fabricated by Axisymmetric Spiral Extrusion

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In the present investigation, an axisymmetric spiral extrusion was used for fabrication of bimetallic Al/Cu composite rods. In this process, a cylindrical bimetallic sample was extruded through an extrusion die having engraved spiral grooves to produce near net shaped composite part. After preparation of composite rods, the bonding strength was evaluated by applying shear stress on Al/Cu interface using compression test. Also the bonding interface was examined by optical metallography and scanning electron microscopy. The results showed that the bond strength increased in Al/Cu composite rods after spiral extrusion and the bonded interface was free of intermetallic layer. The stress imposed on interface region during spiral extrusion broke the work hardened layer in the mating surfaces, and consequently, the cold weld was established between virgin Al and Cu in the contact area. The obtained results showed a feasibility of spiral extrusion processing for production of Al/Cu bimetallic composite rods.

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  • Al/Cu composite rod
  • Spiral extrusion
  • Bonding strength