Constitutive Modeling of 2024 Aluminum Alloy Based on the Johnson–Cook Model

  • S. RasaeeEmail author
  • A. H. Mirzaei
Technical Paper


In this paper, hot compression behavior of Al2024 in the temperatures range of 573–723 K and strain rate range of 0.001–0.6 s−1 was studied based on standard tests. The prediction of flow stress was performed using constitutive equations based on the basic and modified Johnson–Cook model, and the accuracy of the proposed models was estimated by statistical error analysis method. Based on the experimental results, flow stress got changed significantly with changes in the strain rate and temperature. Since the basic model could not examine the correlated effects of the parameters, it had inadequate exactness to estimate the flow stress especially at high temperatures. During calculation, the constants in the modified model, effects of hardening and softening behavior were included in addition to considering the correlated effects of the parameters, so the accuracy of the modified model was increased significantly.


2024 aluminum alloy Hot compression deformation Constitutive equation Johnson–cook model 

List of Symbols


Flow stress





\( \dot{\varepsilon } \)

Strain rate

\( \dot{\varepsilon }^{*} \)

Dimensionless strain rate \( \dot{\varepsilon }^{ *} = \dot{\varepsilon }/\dot{\varepsilon }_{\text{r}} \)

\( T^{*} \)

\( {\text{Homologous}}\;{\text{temperature:}}\) \( T^{ *} = \left( {T - T_{\text{r}} } \right)/\left( {T_{\text{m}} - T_{\text{r}} } \right) \)

\( T_{\text{r}} \)

The temperature at the reference condition: \( T_{\text{r}} = 673\;{\text{K}} \)

\( \dot{\varepsilon }_{\text{r}} \)

The strain rate at the reference condition: \( \dot{\varepsilon }_{\text{r}} = 0.001\;{\text{s}}^{ - 1} \)



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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of EnergyKermanshah University of TechnologyKermanshahIran

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