Structure-Property-Comparisons of Clathrasils and Gas Hydrates

  • Pramod WarrierEmail author
  • Carolyn A. Koh
Technical Paper


Clathrates are inclusion compounds formed by specific host molecules and elements such as water, silica, and silicon in the presence of suitably sized guest molecules at appropriate temperature and pressure conditions. Clathrate compounds are of fundamental importance as they illustrate how simple molecules can combine to form a variety of complex caged structures yielding unique and interesting properties. In this overview, structure, properties, and applications of clathrates formed by silica (called clathrasils) and water (called gas hydrates) are briefly reviewed. Similarities and differences between clathrasils and gas hydrates are discussed with the hope that cross-fertilization between these fields can result in future advancements and new science understanding guest–host crystalline structures.


Clathrates Clathrasils Gas hydrates Energy storage Carbon sequestration 



Authors would like to thank Prof. John A. Ripmeester for his constructive suggestions on this manuscript.


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