Review of Microstructure Evolution in Hypereutectic Al–Si Alloys and its Effect on Wear Properties

  • Vijeesh V
  • K. Narayan PrabhuEmail author
Review Paper


Al–Si alloys with silicon content more than 13 % are termed as hypereutectic alloys. In recent years, these alloys have drawn the attention of researchers due to their ability to replace cast iron parts in the transportation industry. The properties of the hypereutectic alloy are greatly dependent on the morphology, size and distribution of primary silicon crystals in the alloy. Mechanical properties of the hypereutectic Al–Si alloy can be improved by the simultaneous refinement and modification of the primary and eutectic silicon and by controlling the solidification parameters. In this paper, the effect of solidification rate and melt treatment on the evolution of microstructure in hypereutectic Al–Si alloys are reviewed. Different types of primary silicon morphology and the conditions for its nucleation and growth are explained. The paper discusses the effect of refinement/modification treatments on the microstructure and properties of the hypereutectic Al-Si alloy. The importance and effect of processing variables and phosphorus refinement on the silicon morphology and wear properties of the alloy is highlighted.


Hypereutectic Al–Si alloys Eutectic silicon Primary silicon Modification and refinement Wear 



One of the authors (VV) thanks National Institute of Technology Karnataka for the Research Scholarship.


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