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Summary editorial for karst hydrogeology: advances in karst collapse studies

  • Wanfang ZhouEmail author
  • Mingtang Lei
Thematic Issue


Karst collapses occur in various sizes and by various mechanisms. No karst collapses are the same, and each needs to be treated individually. Decades of investigation of and experience with these collapses make it clear that addressing karst collapse hazards requires a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates geomorphology, engineering geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, biology, geophysics, geochemistry, and risk assessment. This thematic issue contains 12 papers that illustrate the recent advancement in karst collapse studies, covering a spectrum of topics from karst collapse mechanism study, geophysical application to karst collapse investigation, karst collapse investigation standards, karst collapse monitoring and early warning, and karst collapse remediation.


Karst Collapse risk assessment Collapse mechanism Early-warning monitoring Geophysics Remediation for collapses 



We appreciate the support of Dr. James LaMoreaux (Editor-in-Chief of Environmental Earth Sciences) and his staff during production of this thematic issue. We are grateful to Drs. Calvin Alexander and Xixiang Lin and other reviewers who volunteered their time and provided constructive comments and suggestions to improve the papers’ technicality and readability.

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