Dependence of radon exhalation on grain size of sedimentary waste

  • Eman M. Ibrahim
  • Ibrahim E. El Aassy
  • Hayam Ahmed Abdel GhanyEmail author
  • S. H. Gamil
Original Article


Tailings resulted from sulphuric acid leaching process of uranium from sedimentary rocks contain high concentrations of 226Ra and its daughters, the most important of which is 222Rn. Movement of radon gas out of the tailings is strongly influenced by the physicochemical characteristics of these tailings especially their radium content and the grain size. So, the tailing samples were size fractionated into four sizes (> 250, 250–125, 125–74 and < 74 µm). The natural radioactivity was investigated using hyper-pure germanium detector and solid-state nuclear track detectors (CR-39) for bulk size and after size fractionation. The activity concentrations of different radionuclides in size-fractionated tailing samples have been shown to be strongly dependent on the size of the particles. In the range of > 250 and < 74 µm, the activity concentrations of 230Th, 226Ra, 214Pb, 214Bi, 210Pb, 232Th and 40K increased throughout with decreasing particle size, while that of 238U, 234U and 235U have an opposite effect. The results revealed an inverse relationship between the radon exhalation rate and size fractionation. Also, the results showed a good correlation between radium activity concentration and radon mass exhalation rate.


Gamma spectrometry Tailings Size fractionation Radionuclide distribution Radon exhalation rate 


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  • Ibrahim E. El Aassy
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  • Hayam Ahmed Abdel Ghany
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