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Subsurface structural trends of the offshore Nile Delta area, Egypt: evidences from gravity and magnetic data

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Subsurface structural trends and tectonics affecting the offshore Nile Delta area, Egypt, have been studied through the interpretations of gravity and magnetic data. Reduced to the pole, regional–residual separation, Tilt derivative and Euler deconvolution techniques are applied for the processing and interpretations of the magnetic and gravity data. The average depth of the sedimentary cover, estimated from the two-dimensional power spectrum technique ranges between 8 km and 13 km. The interpretation of the gravity and magnetic data indicates that the study area is affected by many subsurface structural trends. The NW–SE is the major trend related to El-Temsah and Misfaq-Bardwil trend. The NE–SW direction is the second dominant trend, related to the Rosetta trend. Other trends defined through the interpretation of gravity and magnetic data include: the N–S direction, related to the Baltim fault trend, the E–W direction, related to the Neogene hinge line and the NNE–SSW related to the Gulf of Aqaba. Accessory trends include the ENE–WSW, WNW–ESE and finally the NNW–SSW.


Magnetic Gravity Euler deconvolution Power spectrum Tilt derivative 


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