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, Volume 65, Issue 3, pp 849–859

Three-dimensional temporally dependent dispersion through porous media: analytical solution

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A three-dimensional model for non-reactive solute transport in physically homogeneous subsurface porous media is presented. The model involves solution of the advection-dispersion equation, which additionally considered temporally dependent dispersion. The model also account for a uniform flow field, first-order decay which is inversely proportional to the dispersion coefficient and retardation factor. Porous media with semi-infinite domain is considered. Initially, the space domain is not solute free. Analytical solutions are obtained for uniform and varying pulse-type input source conditions. The governing solute transport equation is solved analytically by employing Laplace transformation technique (LTT). The solutions are illustrated and the behavior of solute transport may be observed for different values of retardation factor, for which simpler models that account for solute adsorption through a retardation factor may yield a misleading assessment of solute transport in ‘‘hydrologically sensitive’’ subsurface environments.


Advection Dispersion Retardation Groundwater 


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