Inappropriate Socket Shield Protocol as a Probable Cause of Peri-Implant Bone Resorption: A Case Report

  • Yazad GandhiEmail author
  • Neel Bhatavadekar
Case Report


Alveolar ridge remodeling post-extraction is a well-documented process. Alveolar bone is in a continuous state of remodeling even after implant placement, and this leads to changes in the contour of the peri-implant tissues over the years. A vast number of procedures have been described in literature to address and correct this resorption including procedures like socket grafting, dual zone grafting, socket shield (partial extraction therapy) and many more. Socket shield (partial extraction therapy) is a relatively new procedure described in the literature. This technique aims to try and slow down this remodeling and maintain the peri-implant tissues in a state near normalcy. The aim of this article is to assess a case where the possible cause of buccal bone loss around an integrated implant was an inappropriately prepared socket shield. It is recommended that an evidence-based consensus be put forth on both case selection and execution to minimize inappropriate execution of this technique by the average clinician.


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