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A Study on Dentigerous Cystic Changes with Radiographically Normal Impacted Mandibular Third Molars

  • Greeshma G. Wali
  • V. SridharEmail author
  • H. N. Shyla
Original Paper



Dentigerous cyst develops in the follicular tissue surrounding the impacted lower third molar. A study was carried out to know the incidence of Association of Dentigerous cyst with radiographically normal impacted lower third molars and to draw the attention of the Oral Surgeons towards the prophylactic removal of impacted third molars.


A prospective study was done on 30 patients with impacted lower third molars which were indicated for extraction. The follicle tissue surrounding the impacted tooth was subjected for histopathologic investigations. Only those teeth with a radiographic finding of pericoronal space of less than 2.5 mm were considered. Two Oral Pathologists reviewed the slides for any changes suggestive of cystic pathology.


Pathologic changes suggestive of Dentigerous cyst was found in 7 of the 30 follicular tissue sent for histopathologic testing. It was found to be statistically significant (P < 0.001).


This study shows statistically high incidence of Dentigerous cyst association with radiographically normal impacted lower third molar teeth. Hence the Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons should consider histopathologic evaluation and radiographic diagnosis in the management of impacted lower third molars. Prophylactic extractions of normal impacted lower third molars should be considered as a treatment option.


Impacted lower third molars Prophylactic extraction Dentigerous cyst 


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  1. 1.ITS Dental College and HospitalGhaziabadIndia
  2. 2.Rural Dental CollegeLoniIndia
  3. 3.KLE Institute of Dental SciencesBangaloreIndia

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