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Implementation of enhanced blowfish algorithm in cloud environment

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In the recent years, increase in the mobile devices and cloud processing the data stored in the cloud in the form of pictures, messages and texts. Cloud service providers cannot trust entirely to authorize the services used by the clients. For enhancing the security in the cloud, new cyber security model is introduced with optimal key selection. In this k-medoid clustering algorithm is used to cluster the information which is secret. It is based on the data distance measure. The data is encrypted and stored in the cloud using blowfish encryption. To improve the accuracy improved dragonfly algorithm is used.

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This work is done as a part of PhD work.


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Correspondence to Venkata Koti Reddy Gangireddy.

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  • Wireless communication
  • Security
  • Privacy and trust
  • Advanced network architecture
  • Blowfish encryption
  • Optimal key selection
  • IDA
  • Communication