An application layer forward error correction method of wireless network broadcasting communication for smart video surveillance system

  • Hui TianEmail author
  • Yongtang Wu
Original Research


Aiming at the wireless channel in which the state of video surveillance communication network changes dramatically, to ensure the video impact under a restricted channel bandwidth condition, an application layer forward error correction system for wireless video communication is proposed. This scheme is an improved forward error correction algorithm. The most appropriate redundancy amount is implemented for each FEC block by constantly altering the redundancy in FEC blocks. Firstly, the system describes and implements the optimum video transmission. Then, the RCPC code and Raptor code are used as forward error correction codes in physical layer and application layer respectively, in this way, the optimal system solution can be acquired. In the forward error correction technology, a feedback mechanism is then developed between the receiver and the sender, which will acknowledge that the receiver can extract the packet loss rate from the received speech signal in the current network state in real time, and then the packet loss rate will be transferred back to the sender by the feedback mechanism. The sender can modify the forward packet loss rate according to the packet loss rate. The error-correcting schema can help the next speech signal have the most appropriate forward error-correcting redundancy, reducing bandwidth waste, significantly improving the adaptability and efficiency of forward error-correcting technology in the wireless network. The simulation results show that the average video quality of the proposed scheme is 0.5–4 dB higher than that of the equal error protection scheme and the extended window unequal error protection scheme.


Forward error correction (FEC) Video surveillance network Video surveillance communication Packet loss rate Approximate optimal cross-layer 



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  2. 2.China India Computer Software Institute, Weifang College of Science and TechnologyShouguangChina

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