Research on the effect of large-scale electric vehicle based on smart wearable equipment access to grid

  • Li CaiEmail author
  • Pengqiu Hu
  • Zefu Tan
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The development of electric vehicles is getting faster and faster. Large-scale electric vehicle access to grid will have a series of effects on the grid. This paper analyzes the current situation of electric vehicle and power grid, introduces the concept and application of power big data, and then puts forward a probability model of electric vehicle access to grid. The paper obtained the big data of the Chinese electric vehicle by experiment, then analyzed it and got the effect to stability of power grid and demand response model with strong uncertainty of large-scale electric vehicle access to grid. This paper proposes a way to collect parameters of electric vehicles using intelligent wearable devices. Finally, a reasonable way to use electric vehicles as energy storage resources is put forward. It can prevent the unstable operation of power grid after the large number of access to electric vehicle charging piles, and improve the reliability and robustness of the power grid system.


Electric vehicle Smart wearable equipment Probability model Power grid Stability 



The authors acknowledge the Chongqing Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant: CSTC2018JCYJA1571), the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission of China (Grant: KJ1501027).


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