NCPP-based caching and NUR-based resource allocation for information-centric networking

  • Mingchuan ZhangEmail author
  • Ping Xie
  • Junlong Zhu
  • Qingtao Wu
  • Ruijuan Zheng
  • Hongke Zhang
Original Research


Recently, Information-centric networking (ICN) has flourished research interest. One common and important feature of ICN is that has built-in caching capability, which means that every node can cache content along the content delivery path. To improve the transmission efficiency of content dissemination, we propose an efficient caching scheme for ICN, which is named as NCPP-based caching scheme. In our proposed caching scheme, we use the definition of node-content pass probability (NCPP), which taking both node utilization ratio and popularity of content into consideration, to decide whether the node needs to cache the content. In addition, the reasonable resource allocation can also improve the performance of ICN. Therefore, we propose a NUR-based resource allocation scheme, which uses the definition of node utilization radio (NUR). We compare the server hit ratio of random caching scheme and the proposed caching scheme by simulation. Our results show that our proposed scheme has smaller server hit ratio than random caching scheme. Furthermore, our proposed caching scheme depends on the number of requests.


Information-centric networking Caching Node utilization ratio Node-content pass probability Server hit ratio 



This work is partially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) under Grants nos. U1404611 and U1604155, in part by the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation under Grant nos. 2015M570028 and 2016T90031, in part by the Program for Science & Technology Innovation Talents in the University of Henan Province under Grants no. 16HASTIT035, and in part by Henan Science and Technology Innovation Project under Grant nos. 164200510007 and 174100510010.

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The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper.


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  • Mingchuan Zhang
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  • Ping Xie
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  • Junlong Zhu
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  • Qingtao Wu
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  • Ruijuan Zheng
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  • Hongke Zhang
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  1. 1.National Engineering Laboratory for Next Generation Internet Interconnection DevicesBeijing Jiaotong UniversityBeijingChina
  2. 2.Information Engineering CollegeHenan University of Science and TechnologyLuoyangChina

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