Facile Preparation of β-Cyclodextrin-Fe3O4 Magnetic-Brønsted Acidic Ionic Liquid for Biodiesel Production

  • Fei ChangEmail author
  • Quan Zhou
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Brønsted acidic ionic liquid supported on magnetic Fe3O4 [β-CD-6-Im-(CH2)3-HSO3][HSO4]-Fe3O4 was synthesized successfully, the catalyst was characterized via TGA, FT-IR, XRD, SEM, BET and acidity determination, and used to catalyze the high-acidic untreated Jatropha carcass L. seed crude oil (46.0 mg KOH/g) for biodiesel production in a single pot. The results showed that 94.70% yield of FAME was obtained under the optimized reaction conditions of temperature of 130 °C, 10:1 molar ratio of methanol to oil, 3 wt% of catalyst dosage, 3 h reaction time. In addition, the catalyst activity was not significantly decreased after five recycles.


β-Cyclodextrin Acidic ionic liquids Biodiesel Fe3O4 Magnetism 



This work is financially supported by Guizhou Provincial, State, University S&T Technology Joint Fund Program (Nos. LH [2015]7762).


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