Enhanced Methane Production from Dry Leaflets of Algerian Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Hmira Cultivar, by Alkaline Pretreatment

  • Mohammed DjaafriEmail author
  • Slimane Kalloum
  • Kamel Kaidi
  • Fethya Salem
  • Soumia Balla
  • Djelloul Meslem
  • Abdelkader Iddou
Original Paper


This article discusses the biochemical methane potential (BMP) test of the alkali pretreated “dry leaflets of Algerian date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Hmira cultivar”. The anaerobic digestion (AD) experiments are performed in 4 digesters at 37 °C for 50 days. Digesters with one liter capacity for each one and a working volume of 600 mL are prepared with 10 g volatile solids (VS) of the substrate. A 6%, 12% and 18% weight/weight (w/w) NaOH (based on substrate VS) are used for alkaline pretreatment. During the performed experiments, the CH4 volume is monitored in order to evaluate the alkaline pretreatment influences. The obtained results show that a 12% NaOH is the best concentration, with a 135 mL CH4/gVS that represents an increase of methane production to 133.55% compared to the control test. A biodegradability (BD) improvement of 48.64% through the chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal is recorded with the same concentration of 12% NaOH. The technical digestion times (T80) of 22 and 32 days are recorded for both, the 12% NaOH concentration and the control test respectively, this clearly shows a shortening of 36.78% in T80. Finally, the results obtained in this experimental study show that, based on the increase of pretreatment range of the NaOH concentration (6%, 12% and 18%) before AD of the “dry leaflets of Algerian date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Hmira cultivar”, an improvement of methane yield and biodegradability in shortening digestion time were registered.


Dry date palm leaflets High alkaline pretreatment range Hmira cultivar Lignin content Methane enhancement Phoenix dactylifera L. 



The authors would like to thank Mr. Hamid Kaddami and Ms. Karima Ben Hamou for conducting the lignocellulosic components analysis. The authors would also like to thank Dr. Mohamed Omari, Dr. Necaibia Ammar, Dr. Salah Lachtar and Dr. Mediani Mohamed for proof-reading this document. We also thank the URERMS bioconversion team (CDER, Adrar, Algeria).


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  1. 1.Centre de Développement des Energies RenouvelablesUnité de Recherche en Energies Renouvelables en Milieu Saharien, URERMS, CDERAdrarAlgeria
  2. 2.Laboratoire de Valorisation des Matériaux, Département Génie des Procédés, Faculté des Sciences et de la TechnologieUniversité Abdelhamid Ibn Badis-MostaganemMostaganemAlgeria
  3. 3.Laboratory of Energy, Environment and Information SystemAdrar UniversityAdrarAlgeria

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