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Thermodynamic Quasi-Equilibrium Model for the Energetic Performances Analysis of the Air and Air–Steam Gasification of Raw and Pretreated Cotton Stalks by Torrefaction and Carbonization

  • Harouna Gado IbrahimEmail author
  • Oumar Sanogo
  • Tizane Daho
  • Salifou K. Ouiminga
  • Jean Koulidiati
Original Paper


Numerical and experimental study of the gasification of raw and pretreated (torrefied and carbonized) cotton stalks were investigated. The experimental results were used to calibrate the quasi-equilibrium model by multiplying the equilibrium reaction constant with coefficient varying from 0.01 to 10 and by fixing the methane molar fraction. Values varying from 0.15 to 0.7, 0 to 0.8 and 400 to 900 K were considered for air equivalence ratio (ER), the ratio of steam to fuel (SF) and the temperature of steam respectively. LHV and energy efficiency decreased from 4528 kJ Nm− 3 and 73.5% for the raw cotton stalks to 3984 kJ Nm− 3 and 68.9% for torrefied cotton stalks and to 3815 kJ Nm− 3 and 69.6% for carbonized cotton stalks. The energy efficiency was improved by steam injection to 80, 78 and 75% for the gasification of raw, torrefied and carbonized CS respectively due to the increase of H2 and CH4. The air–steam gasification was more efficient to air gasification at a temperature of steam over than 500 K for raw cotton stalks. However, only the air–steam gasification of pretreated cotton stalks was recommended since it has the net energy efficiency (which consider the steam energy) superior to 60%.


Equilibrium model Cotton stalks Pretreatment Energy efficiency Air–steam gasification 




Air to fuel ratio


Specific heat (kJ kg− 1K− 1)


Equivalence ratio

\(h{\left( T \right)_i}\)

Sensible enthalpy variation from \({T_0}\) to \(T\) (kJ mol− 1)


Sensible enthalpy of gas species (\(i\)) at temperature \(T\)


Enthalpy of formation (kJ mol− 1)


Reaction equilibrium constant


Lower heating value (MJ Nm− 3 or MJ kg− 1)


Water vaporisation enthalpy at 1 bar (40.644 kJ mol− 1)


Mass (kg)


Molar mass (g mol− 1)


Mole of the produced gas species \(i\) (mole)


Atmospheric pressure (1.013 bar)


Ideal gas constant (8.314 J mol− 1 K− 1)




Steam to fuel ratio


Gasification time (min)


Humidity content (%)


Ash content of the biomass (%)


Temperature (K)


Normal temperature (273.15 K)


Ambient temperature (K)


Gasification mean temperature (K)


Volume (m3)


Molar volume (m3 mol− 1)


Normal volume (Nm3)


Molar fraction of gas species \(i\)

\(\left[ i \right]\)

Mole fraction of the gas species \(i\) (mol mol− 1)


Mole of reactants (mole)


Energy efficiency (%)

\({\eta _{net}}\)

Net Energy efficiency (%)

\({\rho _{{N_2}}}\left( T \right)\)

Density of nitrogen at temperature \(T\) (kg m− 3)







Biomass type (Raw, torrefied or carbonized cotton stalks)




Gas species\(~i\), (CO, CO2, H2, CH4, N2)


Introduced species






Liquid water


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  • Harouna Gado Ibrahim
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    Email author
  • Oumar Sanogo
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  • Tizane Daho
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  • Salifou K. Ouiminga
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  • Jean Koulidiati
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  1. 1.Université Dan Dicko Dankoulodo de MaradiMaradiNiger
  2. 2.IRSAT, Institut de Recherche en Sciences Appliquées et TechnologiesOuagadougouBurkina Faso
  3. 3.LPCE, Département de PhysiqueUniversité Joseph Ki-Zerbo de OugadougouOuagadougouBurkina Faso

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