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Biogas Production from Waste Microalgal Biomass Obtained from Nutrient Removal of Domestic Wastewater

  • Ozgul Calicioglu
  • Goksel N. DemirerEmail author
Original Paper


In this study, a semi-continuous photobioreactor was operated for the investigation of nutrient removal efficiency of a unialgal culture, Chlorella vulgarıs. Maximum nitrogen and phosphorous removal efficiencies of 99.6 and 91.2 % were achieved in the photobioreactor. The microalgal slurry obtained from the effluent of the photobioreactor was subjected to biochemical methane potential assay, after application of heat, autoclave, and thermochemical pretreatments to improve anaerobic digestibility and biogas production. Evaluation of pretreatment options indicated that heat pretreatment is the most efficient method in terms of enhancing anaerobic digestibility, at the chemical oxygen demand (COD) loading of 19 ± 0.5 g L−1. This method increased the methane yield by 83.0 %, from 223 to 408 mL CH4 g VS added −1 , compared to untreated microalgal slurry reactor with the same COD value. Among reactors with 35 ± 1.5 g L−1 initial COD concentration, autoclave-pretreated microalgal slurry was found to yield the highest methane value of 356 mL CH4 g VS added −1 , which was 43.0 % higher than the value observed in the reactor fed with untreated microalgal slurry. The thermochemical pretreatment caused production of inhibitory compounds and resulted in lower biomethane production and COD treatment values, compared to untreated microalgae. Outcomes of this study reveal that coupled micro-algal and anaerobic biotechnology could be a sustainable alternative for integrated nutrient removal and biofuel production applications.


Chlorella vulgaris Photobioreactor Anaerobic digestion Biogas Pretreatment 



Basal medium


Biochemical methane potential




Chemical oxygen demand


Dissolved oxygen


Gas chromatograph


High performance liquid chromatography




Sodium hydroxide


Free ammonia


Ammonium ion




Nitrate ion




Optical density




Photosynthetically active radiation (nm)


Phosphate ion




Soluble chemical oxygen demand


Semi-continuous cultivation photobioreactor


Substrate-to-inoculum ratio


Total ammonifiable nitrogen


Total chemical oxygen demand


Total Kjeldahl nitrogen


Total nitrogen


Total phosphorus


Total solids


Total suspended solids


Volatile fatty acids


Volatile dissolved solids


Volatile solids


Volatile suspended solids


Volume of gas per volume of broth per minute


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