Investigation of dielectric relaxation in dipolar liquids

  • Swagatadeb SahooEmail author


A graphical method has been used to evaluate the double relaxation time τ1 and τ2 for rotation of the flexible part and whole molecule of four butyl alcohols in p-xylene under 2.50 GHz (S-Band), 9.313 GHz (X-Band), 16.20 GHz (Ku-Band) and 23.98 GHz (K-Band) electric field at 25 °C using Fröhlich and Debye model. The fixed τ1 and τ2 obtained from graphical method at those frequencies agree well with the reported average τ’s. This reveals τ’s are independent of the electric field frequencies signifying the material properties of chemical systems in identical environment. This method is making no approximation, and the infinite number of solutions clearly shows that observation at one single frequency is not sufficient to determine the correct values of τ1 and τ2. The dipole moments µ1 and µ2 are measured at all the frequencies in terms of graphically obtained τ1 and τ2 and reported τ. Estimated penetration depth indicates development of a new simple and rapid sensor for determination of alcohol concentration.


Dielectric relaxation Dipole moment Binary mixture Relaxation time 


77.22 Gm 72.80. Le 



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