Using RF inductive rings to improve the efficiency of a designed pulsed plasma jet

  • R. Jaafarian
  • A. GanjoviEmail author
Original Paper


In this work, the radiofrequency inductive rings are placed on a pulsed plasma jet plume to improve its efficiency and capability. The optical emission spectroscopy method is used to examine the physical and technical features of the improved pulsed plasma jet. The influences of applied impulse voltage and frequency on the pulsed plasma jet along with the inductive rings diameter and its turns and applied RF voltage amplitude on its performance are studied. It is seen that, at the higher applied voltages and frequencies on the pulsed plasma jet, while the plasma density is increased, the plasma electron excitation and rotational temperatures will decrease. Furthermore, the inductive RF voltage application on the rings enhances the ionization rate and plasma density of the jet, and consequently, the excitation and rotational temperatures of plasma electrons are reduced. Increasing of the applied inductive RF voltage amplitudes on the ring will result in the higher electrons density and reduction in the excitation and rotational temperatures. It is shown that, at the higher inductive ring diameters and its turns, the excitation temperature of plasma electrons is reduced.


Atmospheric pressure plasma jet RF inductive rings Optical emission spectroscopy 

PACS numbers

52.25.−b 52.25.Jm 52.25.Xz 52.70.−m 52.75.−d 


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  1. 1.Laser Research Department, Photonics Research Institute, Institute of Science and High Technology and Environmental SciencesGraduate University of Advanced TechnologyKermanIran

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