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, Volume 93, Issue 4, pp 529–535 | Cite as

Effect of general loss-cone distribution function on kinetic Alfvén wave in multi-ions plasma by kinetic approach

  • Radha Tamrakar
  • P. VarmaEmail author
  • M. S. Tiwari
Original Paper


Kinetic Alfven waves with general loss-cone distribution function are investigated in multi-ions (H+, He+ and O+) plasma. Dispersion relation and damping rate for the wave are derived using Vlasov equation. Variations in frequency and damping rate versus \( k_{ \bot } \rho_{i} \) (where k is wave vector perpendicular to ambient magnetic field, ρi is ion Larmor radius and i denotes multi-ions) are investigated. Parameters relevant to plasma sheet boundary layer are used for graphical analysis. It is observed that wave frequency fluctuates with loss-cone distribution indices of ions. In comparison with Maxwellian plasma (J = 0), the wave frequency is enhanced for He+ and O+ and reduced for H+ with the increase in J indices and the wave existence limit shift towards lower \( k_{ \bot } \rho_{i} \) for lighter ions. This may be due to difference in penetration of multi-ions through the cone. H+ and He+ ions show damping at lower kρi only, whereas O+ ions exhibit damping over wide range of \( k_{ \bot } \rho_{{O^{ + } }} \). The damping is reduced with the increase in loss-cone indices for all the ions which signify propagation of wave over long distances towards auroral ionosphere. The applications of these results are in understanding the effect of gyrating multi-ions in transfer of energy and in describing the generation of aurora.


Kinetic Alfven waves Kinetic approach PSBL region Loss-cone distribution function 


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Financial assistance of UGC, New Delhi (to Radha Tamrakar), and DST, New Delhi (to P. Varma), is thankfully acknowledged.


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  1. 1.Department of Physics, School of Mathematical and Physical SciencesDr. H. S. Gour UniversitySagarIndia

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