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Dual-material gate dual-stacked gate dielectrics gate-source overlap tri-gate germanium FinFET: analysis and application

  • Rajashree DasEmail author
  • Srimanta Baishya
Original Paper


This study proposes a novel dual-material-gate dual-stacked-gate dielectrics gate–source overlap Ge FinFET and compares its characteristics with conventional FinFET. The proposed device shows very less leakage current (IOFF) (~ 10−17 A), significant on drain current (~ ION) (~ 10−4 A), very high ratio of ION to IOFF (ION/IOFF) (~ 1013) and less subthreshold swing of (SS) (71 mV/dec). This study presents the effect of different dielectrics, oxide thicknesses (tox) and back-gate voltages (VGB) on transfer characteristics of the proposed device. The effect of channel concentration on ION/IOFF, threshold voltage (Vth), transconductance (gm) and SS is also investigated. The effect of overlap length (Lov) on analog parameter, gate–source capacitance (Cgs), is also analyzed. Moreover, the effect of fin thickness (Tfin) on Vth and SS is also studied. The height of the BOX plays an important role in reducing IOFF. Moreover, with emphasis on digital application, by using the proposed device a digital inverter circuit is implemented, and this study investigates the characteristics using mixed-mode simulation.


FinFET Dual-stacked-gate dielectrics Dual material gate Gate–source overlap 


85.30. − z 85.30.De 


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  1. 1.Department of Electronics and Communication EngineeringNational Institute of Technology SilcharSilcharIndia

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