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, Volume 93, Issue 1, pp 107–114 | Cite as

Sheath criterion in constant mean free path collisional plasma with two distinct temperature q-nonextensive electrons

  • Dima Rani Borgohain
  • K. SahariaEmail author
Original Paper


A constant mean free path collisional plasma sheath model is investigated in the presence of two-temperature q-nonextensive electrons and fluid ions. By using Sagdeev potential technique, a modified Bohm sheath criterion is derived and also verified. It is shown that the density distribution of positive ions reduces monotonically when the Bohm velocity lies between the derived limits. The effect of collision on the plasma sheath profiles viz. density, potential, net space charge density and positive ion velocity in the sheath in presence of the proposed plasma configuration is investigated. It is also shown that the increasing values of ion-neutral collisionality leads to a decrease of sheath thickness, increase of sheath potential and net space charge density in the sheath region.


q-Nonextensive particle distribution Two-temperature electrons Plasma sheath Collision effect Sagdeev potential 


52.40.Kh 52.30.Ex 52.20.Hv 


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsNorth Eastern Regional Institute of Science and TechnologyNirjuliIndia

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