Indian Journal of Physics

, Volume 87, Issue 1, pp 49–52

Asymmetry to symmetry transition of Fano line-shape: analytical description

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An analytical description of Fano line-shape asymmetry ratio has been presented here for a general case. It is shown that Fano line-shape becomes less asymmetric as |q| is increased and finally becomes completely symmetric in the limiting condition of q equal to infinity. Asymmetry ratios of Fano line-shapes have been calculated and are found to be in good consonance with the reported expressions for asymmetry ratio as a function of Fano parameter. Application of this derivation is also mentioned for explanation of asymmetry to symmetry transition of Fano line-shape in quantum confined silicon nanostructures.


Electron–phonon interaction Raman lineshape Fano line-shape 


78.67.−n 63.22.−m 78.30.−j 


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