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Teresa Mendonça McIntyre, Scott E. McIntyre, and David J. Francis (eds.): Educator Stress: An Occupational Health Perspective

Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2017, XXIV + 511 pp, € 118,99 (hardback), ISBN 978-3-319-53051-2
  • Mehdi Haseli SonghoriEmail author
  • Behzad Ghonsooly
Book Review

Stress in teachers and the teaching profession is an epidemic and an internationally recognized phenomenon (Skaalvik & Skaalvik, 2017). Although over the past decades mainstream research in education and educational psychology has witnessed an exponential growth in the literature on teacher stress, there seems to be a lacuna in coming up with effective intervention strategies to alleviate this ubiquitous problem. Educator Stress: An Occupational Health Perspective is a state of the art volume which nicely deals with the problem of educator stress by drawing upon the theories from three disciplines, namely education, psychology, and occupational health to bring forth “an integrated and comprehensive review of theory, research, methodology, and intervention on the topic of stress in educators” (xii).

This book is divided into four parts with each part discussing an aspect of educator stress such as defining what the problem of educator stress is, conceptualizing and understanding its...


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