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Primary hydatid disease of breast: a case report

  • Sheema SheikhEmail author
  • Rukhsana Akhter
  • Salma Bhat
  • Rohi Wani
Short Communication


Human hydatid disease, or echinococcosis, is a helminthic infection that leads to the formation of fluid-filled cysts in the liver, lungs and other organs. Breast, is a rare primary site of hydatid disease. We report a case of a 45 years old female who presented with a breast lump of 2 years duration. On fine needle aspiration cytology a diagnosis of fibrocystic changes of the breast was made and ultrasonography breast showed a thick walled infected cystic lesion. Intraoperatively, a diagnosis of hydatid cyst was made which was confirmed on histopathology.


Hydatid disease Breast Histopathology 



Funding was provided by Dr Sheema Sheikh.


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  • Sheema Sheikh
    • 1
    Email author
  • Rukhsana Akhter
    • 1
  • Salma Bhat
    • 1
  • Rohi Wani
    • 1
  1. 1.Government Medical CollegeSrinagarIndia

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