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The eggshell morphology of Rallicola unguiculatus Piaget, 1880 (Ischnocera: Phthiraptera)

  • Aftab Ahmad
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The egg chorion of the greater coucal louse, Rallicola unguiculatus bears hexagonal ridges. The hat shaped opercular disc also shows hexagonal marks. Twenty to twenty-three button shaped micropyles occur along the opercular rim. The stigma remained obscured under the cementing material.


Biting lice Egg shell morphology Mallophaga Phthiraptera 



I am heartly thankful to the Principal, Govt. Raza P. G. College, Rampur, India for providing laboratory facilities and the Science and Engineering Research Board, New Delhi, India, for providing financial support to Dr. Aftab Ahmad, through the File No: YSS/2015/000547.


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