Influence of Germanium Source Dual Halo Dual Dielectric Triple Material Surrounding Gate Tunnel FET for Improved Analog/RF Performance


This paper investigates the RF Stability performance of the Germanium Source Dual Halo Dual Dielectric Triple Material Surrounding Gate Tunnel FET Ge(SRC)-DH-DD-TM-SG-TFET using 3D - Silvaco Atlas TCAD device simulator. The impact of the geometrical parameter, high-k dielectric material and bias conditions on the key figure of merit (FoM) like Transconductance (gm), Gate capacitance (Cgg) and RF parameters like Stern Stability Factor (K), Critical Frequency (fk) are investigated. The analytical model provides the relation between fk and small signal parameters which provide guidelines for optimizing the device geometrical parameter. The results show improvement in ION current, gm, ft and fk for the optimized device structure. The optimized Ge(SRC)-DH-DD-TM-SG-TFET exhibits fk of 75.0 GHz.

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  • Halo doping
  • Germanium source
  • RF stability
  • Surrounding gate TFET
  • Analog FOMs