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Experimental Analysis on Wear Behavior of PMCs Reinforced with Electroless Coated Silicon Carbide Particulates

  • Parvesh AntilEmail author
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Glass fibres reinforced composite materials are widely used in shipping industries, water treatment plants, and aerospace. In those industries, these materials are subjected to surface abrasion due to constant abrasive particle slurries interactions. To improve the performance of these composites, the surface treatment of reinforced particles can be the possible approach. Keeping in mind these obligations, the present research work focuses on analyzing the influence of reinforcing electroless coated silicon carbide particulates (SiCp) on wear behaviour of polymer matrix composites (PMCs). The experimentation was performed using L18 orthogonal array based on Taguchi’s methodology. Workpiece reinforcement, sliding velocity, abrasive surface and applied load were used as process parameters whereas wear loss was observed as a response parameter. The bonding behaviour between reinforcement and matrix was analyzed using field emission scanning electron microscope, and surface analysis of abraded workpiece was performed using a scanning electron microscope. The identification of composite ingredients was accomplished by energy dispersive spectroscopy using mapping analysis. The wear test results indicate that surface treatment and curing of reinforcing particles improves interfacial bond strength which in result improved wear resistance property of PMCs.


Electroless coating Mapping analysis Polymer matrix composites Taguchi methodology Silicon carbide Wear 


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The author acknowledges the Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research, Mohali, Punjab for providing Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope facility.


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