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Synthesis, Spectral Characterization and Biological Study of Heterobinuclear Complexes of Cu(II) with Si(IV)

  • Anshul Singh
  • Ashu ChaudharyEmail author
Original Paper


Monometallic complexes of Cu(II) of type [Cu(C12H14N4XCl)]Cl2 (where X=Cl or F) were synthesized by treating CuCl2 with the two diamines 4-chloro 1,2-phenylenediamine and 4-fluoro 1,2-phenylenediamine separately in 1:2 stiochiometric proportions. These synthesized complexes were further utilized for the preparation of heterobimetallic complexes of copper with organosilicon dichlorides (R2SiCl2) [where R=C6H5 or CH3] of the type [Cu(C36H30N4Si2XCl3)] and [Cu(C16H22N4Si2XCl3)] (where X=Cl or F). All the complexes were characterized by elemental analysis, conductance measurement, electronic spectra, IR, ESR, mass spectra and X-ray powder diffraction studies. These complexes were then evaluated for their antimicrobial efficacy with Bavistin and Streptomycin used as standards. The complexes were also tested for their plant growth regulating activity against gram plant and the results attained were quite promising.

Graphical Abstract

Potentially Biodynamic Heterobimetallic Complexes of Cu(II) with Si(IV)


Heterobimetallic complexes Monometallic complex Copper Silicon Antimicrobial activity Plant growth regulating activity 


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The authors are grateful to the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi, India for financial assistance in the form of SRF vide letter no. 09/105(0221)/2015-EMR-I.


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  1. 1.Department of ChemistryKurukshetra UniversityKurukshetraIndia

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