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Modeling and Analysis of a Front High-k gate stack Dual-Material Tri-gate Schottky Barrier Silicon-on-Insulator MOSFET with a Dual-Material Bottom Gate

  • Pritha BanerjeeEmail author
  • Subir Kumar Sarkar
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The present work centralizes the analytical modeling of a novel structure namely front high-k gate stack Dual-Material Tri-gate Silicon-on-insulator Schottky barrier MOSFET with a dual material bottom gate along with an emphasis on its response towards the various SCEs. 3-D Poisson’s equation along with proper boundary conditions has been solved considering the popular parabolic potential approximation. Different device features like surface potential, threshold voltage, electric field has been studied. Also the device immunity towards the several Short channel effects like drain-induced barrier lowering, threshold voltage roll-off, hot carrier effects are investigated minutely. The analytical results obtained have been verified using simulation results obtained from ATLAS.


Schottky barrier MOSFET Tri-gate MOSFETs Silicon-on-insulator/nothing (SOI/SON) Short channel effects 


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Pritha Banerjee thankfully acknowledges the financial support obtained from UGC vide file no. 43-293/2014(SR) dated 29.12.2015.


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