Clinical Pediatric Anesthesia: A Case-Based Handbook, Second Edition

Erin S. Williams, Olutoyin A. Olutoye, Catherine P. Seipel, Titilopemi A. O. Aina (Editors). Oxford University Press 2018, 487 pages; ISBN: 978-0190678333
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Clinical Pediatric Anesthesia - A Case Based Handbook is the second edition of a pediatric anesthesia textbook whose structure is based on case-based discussions. It is an update of the first edition, which was originally published in 2012. All four editors are from the Texas Children’s Hospital at Baylor College of Medicine and most of the 50 contributors to this book are from the Texas Children’s Hospital or the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

The book is divided into 15 parts comprising 71 chapters that cover a wide range of topics on the management of pediatric patients in various clinical scenarios. Parts 1 and 2 cover topics on the challenges encountered during preoperative preparation and pediatric pharmacology. Parts 3 to 10 are organized by body organ systems. Topics relating to care of neonatal patients are the focus of Part 11. Part 12 addresses topics relating to regional anesthesia and pain, and Part 13 discusses the anesthetic implications of several relatively common...


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