Preparation of super-aligned carbon nanotube-reinforced nickel-matrix laminar composites with excellent mechanical properties

  • Ze-cheng Hou
  • Lun-qiao Xiong
  • Yuan-feng Liu
  • Lin Zhu
  • Wen-zhen LiEmail author


A homogeneous and compact super-aligned carbon nanotube (SACNT)-reinforced nickel-matrix composite was successfully prepared by electrodeposition. The mechanical properties of the laminar SACNT/Ni composites were substantially improved compared with those of pure nickel. With increasing content of SACNTs, the tensile strength of the composite increased and the elongation decreased because of the high-strength SACNTs bearing part of an applied load and the fine-grained strengthening mechanism. The nanohardness of the SACNT/Ni composites was improved from 3.92 GPa (pure nickel) to 4.62 GPa (Ni−4vol%SACNTs). The uniform distribution of SACNTs in the composites and strong interfacial bonding between the SACNTs and the nickel matrix resulted in an improvement of the mechanical properties of the SACNT/Ni composites. The introduced SACNTs refined the nickel grains, increased the amount of crystal twins, and changed the preferred orientation of grain growth.


nickel-matrix laminar composite super-aligned carbon nanotube electrodeposition mechanical properties 


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This work was partially financially supported by the Tsinghua University Initiative Scientific Research Program (No. 20111080980) and the High Technology Research and Development Program of China (No. 2013AA031201).


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  • Lun-qiao Xiong
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  • Yuan-feng Liu
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  • Lin Zhu
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  • Wen-zhen Li
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  2. 2.Tsinghua−Foxconn Nanotechnology Research CenterTsinghua UniversityBeijingChina

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