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  • Martin BichlerEmail author
This is my last editorial for the journal Business and Information Systems Engineering. I have served as Editor-in-Chief since 2012, but was already involved as Department Editor before. This journal has made an incredible journey and will turn 60 next year. For this reason, we have compiled this “special issue” for which we collected articles from former editors, our fellow department editors, and, last but not least, the AIS president. They all share their

“Views on the past, present, and future of Business and Information Systems Engineering.”

I have also contributed some reflections on the past 6 years, which is why I will keep this editorial short. Another contributor is Christof Weinhardt, the new Editor-in-Chief of our journal, who will handle all incoming papers starting from January 2019. I am very pleased that he took on this position and wish him and the journal all the best for the future.

Thank you to all the authors who have persevered through the peer-review process to publish in our journal, to all the reviewers who have said yes to the difficult task of reviewing, to the entire editorial board, and to all the readers who have made my job worthwhile.

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