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Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE) is AIS Affiliated Journal

Editorial Notes

In issue 4/2010, I presented the first outcomes of our internationalization strategy, i.e. a strong increase in downloads of our journal. Additionally, our impact factor has more than doubled from 2007 to 2009, even before it is affected by our internationalization approach. Thus, we are confident that this trend will keep on in the future.

Today, I am very happy to announce another important step towards the success of our strategy:

On ICIS 2010, BISE was officially announced as AIS Affiliated Journal. Thereby, the Association for Information Systems (AIS) wishes to support and encourage BISE because of its innovative approach to improve the communication between the BISE and IS community. Hence, BISE will be able to use the term “AIS Affiliated Journal” as the first journal of its type.

In the course of this affiliation BISE will be also available via AIS eLibrary ( in the future. Thus, all AIS members have free access to the journal, which further increases our international visibility.

On this occasion I would like to thank Jan vom Brocke, Guy Fitzgerald, Kalle Lyytinen, Dov Te’eni, Pete Tinsley, Cathy Urquhart, and Robert Winter for their valuable support. A very special thanks goes to Marco de Marco who supported us very strongly and helped us to hit the target.

Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Buhl


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