Editorial for rare metals, special issue on advanced permanent magnetic materials

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Permanent magnetic materials (PMMs) are a kind of indispensable functional materials in modern society, which play crucial role in many applications such as computers, medical devices, and home appliances. Specially, with the rapid development of green technologies such as electric transportation, wind turbines, and precision motors, the need for high-quality PMMs has become strong and urgent. Meanwhile, the cutting-edge researches involving development and improvement of PMMs and related theories have drawn considerable attentions. This motives rare metals to have a special issue focusing on PMMs.

This special issue publishes 2 reviews and 11 research articles on both experimental and theoretical sides. The articles in this issue are selected from the proceedings of 2018 Rare Earth Permanent Magnets and Advanced Magnetic Materials and Their Applications (REPM 2018), which is a premier conference on all aspects of PMMs and reviews the latest developments in PMMs. The articles in this issue are from the research group from China, Korea, and Russia. The topic covers rare-earth-based magnets, transition-metal-based magnets, ferrite magnets, and micromagnetic simulation. We sincerely expect that the readers may find the articles published in this special issue informative and valuable.

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